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2009-03-16 20:10:07 by Wind-Ninja

Hello my name is not important :P. All you need to know is that im a music lovin, King of Ninjas, sick in Video games, Black Guy =D. I love Ninjas, Music(Techno, Rap, and Rock), animals(my fav is the wolf), Video Games, Anime/Manga, Cooking, Girls of course, and Family and Friends. Ive be on newgrounds for over 5 years its just im just nao making an Acc XD. Im always up for a talk and is willing to listen to problems. Right now im School, I wanna do many things in my life time but my carreers are a Chef, and Video Game Programmer. I play Mugen, I use Fruity Loops XXL Studio 8, and im trying to get a 360 over the summer (no job :X). If youve got any questions just ask. This is Also pretty much one of my fave pics so meh ill throw it in here.



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2009-03-16 20:21:05

What's up man, welcome to NG (by welcome I mean your actual account.) I've had my account since 2005 but just recently started to actually use it too.

Wind-Ninja responds:

DAM that was fast as hell. thx sups.


2009-03-16 20:28:27

King of Ninjas eh? I don't think so!

Nice to meet ya!

Wind-Ninja responds:

u to lolz XD sorry for crazy late responce